13th Abuja International Housing Show

13th Abuja International Housing Show

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Exhibition time: 23-26 July 2019
Venue: Abuja, capital of Nigeria
Industry Category: Home Building Materials
Pavilion Name: International Conference Center, Abuja, Nigeria
Organizer: Fesadeb Communications Ltd.
Authorized Chinese partners: China-Africa Expo. afrindex. com, Guangdong Voyage Exhibition Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Voyage Exhibition

Introduction to the Exhibition:

Building Materials Expo will bring you more than 400 exhibitors from 21 countries, exhibiting hundreds of products, equipment and machinery. The Nigerian Home Building Materials Fair brings together industry leaders, investors, buyers and entrepreneurs to develop market and business partnerships. The event allows you to visit cutting-edge technology information, equipment exhibitions and valuable new professionals around the world. Nigeria Home Building Material Fair not only has a series of speeches on related topics of architecture and construction industry, but also has the opportunity to walk around the exhibition site, view enterprise exhibits, and meet with potential customers and business partners. Professionals and government workers will also be involved, including the Vice President of Nigeria, the Speaker of the Senate, the Governor, ministers, members of the National Assembly and entrepreneurs.

Nigeria Market Data Analysis:
In 2016, Nigeria's total foreign trade volume was 17.35 trillion naira, an increase of 0.95 trillion naira over the same period last year. The total volume of trade has increased year by year. Nigeria's top five exporters are China, the Netherlands, Belgium, the United States and India. Wellhead commodities mainly include mechanical equipment, transportation facilities, petroleum products, food, building materials, agricultural products and chemical products.
China is Nigeria's second largest trading partner, and surpassed the United States as the largest source of imports in 2012. According to Chinese Customs statistics, bilateral trade between China and Nepal amounts to US$10.62 billion.
In recent years, two-way investment in China and Nigeria has developed rapidly. In 2016, China's direct investment flows to Nigeria amounted to $109 million. By the end of 2016, China's stock of direct investment in Nepal was 2.542 billion US dollars.
China has both Laiki and Ogong cooperation zones in Nepal. With the joint efforts of China and Nepal, the two free trade zones have become large-scale, including building materials, ceramics, furniture, hardware, food and beverage industries.
Constantly improving infrastructure construction: strengthening the construction of expressways, railways, airports and ports.

Reasons for entering the Nigerian Market:
High international status: Nigeria is the "leader" of West Africa, and plays an important role in Africa. It is a founding member of the WTO, as well as a member of the African Union and the Economic Community of West African States.
Domestic economic stability: Nigeria's economy has grown steadily, and a series of policies issued by the government have ensured the stable development of Nigeria's domestic economy.
The market potential is enormous: Nigeria is located in the central region of Africa, and its economy plays a decisive role in the whole African region. Its total economic output ranks first in Africa, its population number is first in Africa, and it is also the headquarters of ECOWAS, and it has strong radiation power for West Africa and all African countries.
National policy is good: the government grants tax exemption to pioneer enterprises investing in industries including agriculture, manufacturing, machinery, pharmaceuticals, chemistry and infrastructure.
After more than 20 years of development, Nigeria has all kinds of economic and trade cooperation zones in different regions.
China-Nepal friendly relations: Nigeria and China enjoy long-term friendship, steady development of relations and continuous progress in economic and trade cooperation.
The opportunity of "one belt and one road": the policy of the "one belt and one way" policy launched by the government of Nigeria has been actively involved in achieving this process and promoting friendly and mutual assistance between China and Nepal.

Exhibits Architectural and decorative materials: bathroom sanitary ware, doors and windows and accessories, doors and windows electromechanical and door control systems, cabinets, kitchen and sanitary facilities, stone materials,Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Plastic Building Material, Composite Material, New Building Material, Waterproof Building Material, Thermal Insulation Building Material, Building Glass, FloorPaving materials, floors, carpets, artificial lawns, other metal materials, hardware accessories, building tools, labor insurance supplies, safety protectionAppliances, tents, tents, tents, sunshine rooms, decorative materials, plastic rubber, wallpaper cloth art, home soft clothing.
Hardware and tools: decorative hardware, plumbing hardware, general hardware accessories, well cover irrigation system, molds, seals, locks, etc.Tool box, tool cabinet, diamond tools, manual tools, electric tools, garden tools, carts, shovels, nails, pneumatic tools And accessories, workshop, factory equipment, industrial tools, electric drills, electric saws, locks, welding equipment, wire mesh, fasteners, castings, cablesTools, rolling bearings, hardware accessories, nails, screws, scissors, pliers, hammers, pump valves, flanges, meters, well covers, abrasives, etc.Molds, measuring tools, instrumentation, hardware and mechanical equipment, etc.Landscape Beautification: Lawn, Plastic Runway, Nursery Building chemical and thermal insulation materials: coatings, paints, building adhesives, sealants, waterproof reinforcement materials, accessories, thermal insulation materials;
Building materials and metals: building hardware, building tools, stainless steel, color steel plate, building metal materials, building waterproof materials,Warehousing equipment, aluminium-plastic board, aluminium profile, sunshine board, board, wood, building cementitious products, adhesives, doors and windows, hardware, locks,Wall materials, interior decoration materials, floors, tiles, construction machinery and equipment, etc.
Mechanical equipment: mechanical and electrical, generator, flame retardant machinery, machine tools, pump and valve machine, cutting machine, welding equipment, groove machine, etc.
Steel: steel pipe, steel, steel coil, movable panel house, grid, steel products, light steel keel, ceiling, etc.

Water treatment: circulating water system, drainage system, pumps, pressure pumps, multi-stage pumps, valves, hydraulic systems, automatic sprinklers
Equipment, pipeline system, PVC pipe, CPVC pipe, gas pipe, copper pipe, zinc pipe, pig iron pipe, flower hose, etc.Foundation building materials: cement, bricks and tiles, building aggregates, lime and products, concrete products, well covers, stairs, road materials, roads Surface engineering materials, bridge building materials, etc.
Other building materials: HVAC, air conditioning system, fan and air nozzle; water treatment system, pump valves, piping devices; building steel knot
Structures, light steel houses, movable houses, building formwork, building support system, scaffolding; building chemical industry; building electromechanical, elevator, building Yu Intelligence, Safety Protection, Electrical Automation System; Electrical Appliances, Cleaning, Fire Protection, Property and other equipment; Electrical Communication, Electric Power Generation, etc.Distribution facilities, meters, switches, cables, optical cables, cable brackets, lighting fixtures, solar energy systems and products, etc.Construction and engineering machinery, vehicles: lifting equipment, conveyor, excavator, loader, road machinery, construction vehicles, workers Cheng vehicles, municipal vehicles, concrete equipment, lifting equipment, building materials production equipment, building materials processing machinery, etc.

Household goods: household textiles, wallpaper, home and office furniture, decorative furniture, chandeliers, interior decorations and accessories, bathroom And kitchen accessories, tableware gifts, glassware, wood technology, home accessories technology.

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